Dog Weight Calculator

dog waight calcualtor

Dog Weight Calculator Dog weight calculator best for weight range and recommended daily caloric intake for your dog based on its breed, age, and activity level. Keep your furry friend healthy and happy! Select Dog’s Breed: Select BreedLabrador RetrieverGerman ShepherdGolden RetrieverBulldogBeagleFrench BulldogPoodle StandardPoodle MiniaturePoodle ToyRottweilerYorkshire TerrierBoxerDachshund StandardDachshund MiniatureSiberian HuskyAustralian ShepherdDoberman PinscherGreat DaneShih TzuPembroke Welsh CorgiCavalier […]

Golden Retriever

Introducing Golden Retrievers The Hunter with Golden Heart Hunting group The Scottish Golden Retrievers, a breed with its roots in the 19th century, is a medium-sized dog with a golden coat and a pleasant, smart personality. They were initially bred for the purpose of hunting, but in modern times, many people keep them as pleasant […]


Azawakh Breed Hunter group The Azawakh Breed is a thin and beautiful sighthound breed recognised for its remarkable look and delicate movement. It is a one the best West African hunting dog breed recognised by its slim stature, short coat, and loyal nature, making it a beloved companion and expert hunter in its home region. […]

Alaskan Husky

The Alaskan Husky is a strong working dog bred from dogs with similar but different characteristics.

German Shepherd

These dogs are smart and can be easily trained because to their cooperative nature.

French Bulldog

After the Industrial Revolution, this intelligent, well-behaved, playful breed became popular in France.